KS5 Literature

A Level Literature YUNGBLUD and Sonnet 116

A-LeVeL: SoNNeT 116

YUNGBLUD really is the Shakespeare of our generation. Deepen your understanding of 'Sonnet 116' by exploring the lyrics to 'Weird!' - one of the best songs of 2020 x Here's a playlist of song to listen to while you're working! YUNGBLUD: Vi... Read More...
Exile Literature Lesson 1

A-LeVeL: LoSS oF LoVe

So many A-Level Literature texts deal with what it means to lose out in love. If you look closely at Taylor Swift's 'Exile', you'll realise our favourite pop star is dealing with the same kind of emotions that consume the likes of Jay Gatsby and Ot... Read More...