It’s impossible to pile all the music we LOVE at Sound of Pen into one genre. And yet there IS a thread that joins all our favourite music together. It’s something to do with the intent of it – the way it feels as if it says something about what it’s like to be US in 2020.

This Christmas, the Sound of Pen gang went home with one thought in mind – to chart some of the songs that have soundtracked this strange year. Here is Ellie’s list of 2020’s best girl groups – including CLC, BLACKPINK and the NATURE. It’s one of the most well-informed and fun pieces of writing you’ll have read for aaaaaaaaaaaages. And of course it comes with a MEGA soundtrack x

Now it’s your turn to explore the Sound of Pen top 50 and improve your vocabulary at the same time! Make sure to send us your own list.