Kim Petras English A-Level Using Quotations

A-LeVeL: uSiNg qUoTaTioNs

Listening to the music of the world's greatest pop star, Kim Petras, might be our absolutely favourite thing to do. And now that we know we can improve our essay skills while we listen - well, we're just too excited for words x Here's a playlist ... Read More...
GCSE Blood Brothers 1

GcSe: BlOOd BrOtHeRs 1

Punk dramatists, Creeper, explore themes of loss, struggle, friendship, class, hopelessness, anxiety and free will. Explore how they do it in order to deepen your understanding of the messages embedded in Willy Russell's 'Blood Brothers'. Listen ... Read More...
Lil Peep English Lit Ernest Dowson

A-LeVeL: ErNeSt dOwSoN

Lil Peep knew how it felt to get his heart broken. And because it's definitely way easier to relate to the rapper's romantic issues than it is to those of Ernest Dowson, we thought this lesson would be especially useful. Because Ernest's yearning fo... Read More...


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