Lots of our favourite songs feature scarves, photos, makeup and all sorts of other ‘props’. But, why are they there?! What is their purpose?! Let’s find out, shall we…

  • MUSIC FOCUS: Taylor Swift, Machine Gun Kelly, Willow, Rina Sawayama, Dashboard Confessional; Pale Waves.
  • ACTIVITY FOCUS: To assess why certain props might be allocated to a certain character. To decipher the meaning of the little details that – on first reading – may look simply like decoration.

It’s easy to listen to the songs you’re listening to without really thinking too hard about why they’re located where they are! But it’s always important to think about setting. Our feelings, our ambitions, our understanding of the world – all of these things are fuelled by the experience of the places in which we find ourselves…

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Look at the picture below and brainstorm the connotations of each of the highlighted words.


Watch the videos below and think about how each of those props/details you just brainstormed is significant. What does each prop/detail suggest about the mood/character/feelings involved? Bulletpoint your ideas or write a short paragraph about each of the 8 quotes.

“I left my scarf there at your sister’s house / And you’ve still got it in your drawer even now”

“She’s got makeup by the mirror in her bedroom”

“Saw a poster on the corner opposite the motel / Turns out, I’m going to hell if I keep on being myself”

 “old photos”

“A picture, a hair band, a song or this cork from this bottle of wine / The click of the thermostat kicking off just when it’s getting too warm”


Continue your plan for a piece of creative writing. You will already have some ideas about character and plot, and you should absolutely have a vision about where your story is going to be be set. Now consider what props you will allocate to you characters or what details you will add to the setting. What will each of those props/details reveal about your character?


Write a story, the beginning of a story or a section of a story – in which the location, the positioning of things inside or outside, and the props all feel significant.

Once you’re done, please do send your writing in! We want to publish the most exciting ideas!

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