So many of our favourite songs are as multi-layered as any of the texts we study in school. With the new term dawning, here are the tracks that have already knocked us off our feet in 2023.

  • MUSIC FOCUS: The best rock tracks of 2023.
  • ACTIVITY FOCUS: Click on Trophy Eyes’ ‘Life In Slow Motion’ for an ‘Othello’ lesson; the To Kill Achilles link will take you to a class on light and dark imagery.

Listen to the year’s most poetic, potent tracks right here!

  1. Trophy Eyes: ‘Life In Slow Motion’ & ‘Sweet Soft Sound’
  2. To Kill Achilles: ‘The Cave
  3. Holding Absence: ‘Honey Moon’
  4. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness: ‘Nobody Tells You When You’re Young’
  5. Enter Shikari: ‘A Kiss For The Whole World x’
  6. YONAKA: ‘By The Time You’re Reading This’
  7. FEVER 333: ‘$wing’
  8. Proper: ‘Potential.’
  9. Delaire The Liar: ‘Angel Number’
  11. Avenged Sevengold: ‘Mattel’
  12. Ryan Cassata: ‘if you ever leave long island’
  13. Bob Vylan: ‘Dream Big’
  14. Movements: ‘Tightrope’
  15. Our Hollow, Our Home: ‘Downpour’
  16. Sincere Engineer: ‘Fireplace’
  17. Code Orange feat. Billy Corgan: ‘Take Shape’
  18. Ankor: ‘Darkbeat’
  19. Thirty Seconds To Mars: ‘Get Up Kid’
  20. Dream State: ‘Comfort In Chaos’
  21. Divine Fallacy: ‘Ghost In The Graveyard’
  22. Currents: ‘Remember Me’
  23. Blood Command: ‘The Plague On Both Your Houses’
  24. Lonely The Brave: ‘The Lens’
  25. Black Coast: ‘REAL (Are You Listening?) & Arm’s Length: ‘Up In Smoke’

Please do let us know which artists you would like to see featured. We want to build classes around YOUR favourite songs!

Love-Not-Money-Bunny image by the super-talented Elin Johnson.