Listen to the brilliant Andrew McMahon and then have a think about your own brilliant life!

  • MUSIC FOCUS: Something Corporate, Jack’s Mannequin, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness.
  • ACTIVITY FOCUS: Write a poem!

For lots of my generation, Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin (two bands with singer/songwriter/piano player Andrew McMahon at the helm) created a soundtrack that somehow made everything feel possible.

Way before Something Corporate even existed, though, I was imagining my own perfect future. I wanted to write for Kerrang! Not that I really believed I could actually do such a thing!

Kerrang! Controversial singer cover | AC/DC Forum | AC/DC News |

When I left uni, though, I thought I should at least try to find my way into the world of the bands inhabiting those pages of Kerrang! I got a job behind the bar at The Camden Falcon. I wasn’t the only one in that venue with a head full of dreams. While I served drinks, bands like Muse and Coldplay would be up on stage, doing their best to impress the music industry folk. You can see Chris Martin and co. at The Falcon in the clip below.

I applied for work at Kerrang! They politely rejected my advances. And, yes, I was disappointed, but I was by now enjoying writing for The Fly Magazine – and programmes like One Tree Hill kept me dreaming. If Peyton Sawyer could run her own club, then surely there was a hope that I could achieve a similar goal. It was particularly exciting when the fictional Peyton booked the very real Jack’s Mannequin to perform in her club, Tric.

The music that Andrew McMahon wrote filled me with the feeling that the world was a magical place. And that sense was only made even more concrete by the experience of watching him in concert. When he came to London in 2009, he made the King’s College venue feel like just like Tric.

At that very show, I met the girl who was about to become the editor of Kerrang! We talked about our love of Andrew McMahon’s music, she asked to see my writing, then offered me a job. A decade after starting The Falcon, I’d arrived!

In 2021, Andrew McMahon wrote a memoir.

Three Pianos: A Memoir: McMahon, Andrew: 9781648960208: Books

And in the memoir, he explains his love of the piano. His poem (below) sums up the power of music so perfectly, but it also synthesises the experience of being in the English classroom – because, together, we write and read and we, too, break free of our earthly prison. Our unconscious rages and we learn to believe that we can – somehow, someday – get to where we’re going.

“Fingers on the keys Hammers hit the strings

Strings vibrate, creating tone

Soundboard amplifies the vibration

Melody meets words

The unconscious breaks free of its earthly prison”

Looking back on everything, McMahon wrote ‘Teenage Rockstars’. Listen closely to the lyrics.

Here’s my own attempt at capturing my past in poem form.

My So-Called Life

The cold wind at night

That teenage life

Shannon Hoon and Kurt Cobain

Jeff Buckley and Richey James

Reading Festival 94

Band t-shirts, power chords

Club UK and Bagleys

London in the nineties

Raves and sunrises

Glastonbury and No Surprises

Phone numbers off by heart

The romantic, prismatic dark

Camden Falcon’s back room

Yesterday Went Too Soon

Rachel Stamp, The Crocketts

never-ending skyrockets

Dawson and Joey, Britney Spears

How the hell did I get here?


Now, it’s your turn! Write a poem that – in some way or other – is about where you’ve been and/or where you’re going to. You could even write a poem reflecting on your imagined future! Think about yourself as an older person – like me or McMahon! – and summarise the life you’d had!

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