JD's Notebook 8

JD’s Notebook 8

Read the whole story from the beginning. Sometimes I feel it, do you know how it is? You wake up in the morning and everything fits. Now I got all this room and no money to decorate it. What the hell. In the basement sipping on a cola, I’m no... Read More...
JD Notebook 2

JD’s Notebook 2

This section of JD's Notebook ties in with Children of Graffiti: Chapter 1. I'll never forget where you're at: alone, listless, breakfast table in an otherwise empty room. Gonna let you walk through this life alone. I'm going out for a while.... Read More...
Feeder - The Best Of

Top Ten Feeder Songs

The incredible Feeder are currently in the middle of their ‘Best Of’ tour. Here are our ten favourite songs from one of our favourite all-time bands… 10. Crash Crash may be largely-forgotten, but it was a stirring early indicator of Feeder’s potent... Read More...