Lil Peep knew how it felt to get his heart broken. And because it’s definitely way easier to relate to the rapper’s romantic issues than it is to those of Ernest Dowson, we thought this lesson would be especially useful. Because Ernest’s yearning for Adelaide ‘Missie’ Foltinowicz (supposedly the inspiration for ‘Non sum qualis…’) is so entirely inappropriate, it can be difficult to separate his emotional response from the fact that he is infatuated with a young girl. Which is obviously so not the case with Lil Peep’s music. His own relationship issues are absolutely appropriate, and so we find it much easier to connect to the feelings at the heart of his work.

Getting over a relationship can be hard. Listen to this playlist if you don’t believe us! (But, remember, IT’S ALL GOING TO BE OKAY!)

Lil Peep: Trailer
Lil Peep: ‘The Brightside’ video & lyrics (or here).
If you don’t have your anthology to hand, you can find the poem here!

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