Against the Current

Chrissy Costanza Entering Sound of Pen Classroom

sOuNd oF pEn: WhErE tO sTaRt

There are a lot of activities already available at Sound of Pen. And, yes, they'll help you develop the skills you'll want to sharpen in advance of any GCSE and A-Level assessments - but, perhaps more importantly, they'll offer you hours of fun! Not... Read More...
This Is What We Listen To

tHiS iS WhAt We LiStEn To

If you say you LOVE Kim Petras as much as you LOVE Enter Shikari, some people look at you like you're craaaaaaaaazy. When, of course, what they should be doing is looking at you like you're coooooooool! BECAUSE YOU ARE. Here's a list of some ... Read More...