There are a lot of activities already available at Sound of Pen. And, yes, they’ll help you develop the skills you’ll want to sharpen in advance of any GCSE and A-Level assessments – but, perhaps more importantly, they’ll offer you hours of fun! Not to mention the chance to develop your own voice. That’s the most important thing after all – what YOU think, what YOU feel, what YOU have to say!

I’ve summarised just a few of the activities below. Some of them (e.g. BMTH lesson) are shorter and more creative, some of them are longer and more analytical (e.g. Taylor Swift lesson). Scroll through the below, find an activity you like the look of, then click on the link below that picture and you’ll be transported – as if by MAGIC – to the lesson incorporating the very task you felt excited to try out.

Have a go and send me your work. I will feedback and you can start your journey through our many layers and levels of achievement x

‘Best Of’ Lists & Vocabulary Lesson
Kim Petras & GCSE Language Paper 1 Lesson
Kim Petras & GCSE Language Paper 1 Lesson
Kate Nash/Feminism & Blog Writing Lesson
Bring Me The Horizon & ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Lesson
Maggie Lindemann & Desdemona Lesson
Against The Current & GCSE Unseen Poetry Lesson
Taylor Swift & Types Of Love Lesson
Enter Shikari & Persuasive Writing Lesson
Your Favourite Artists & ‘Romeo & Juliet’ Quotes Lesson
Taylor Swift Context Lesson
Comparing Taylor Swift Lyrics: Lesson
Lil Peep and Ernest Dowson Lesson
Thematic work inspired by 30 Seconds To Mars & Girlfriends
Write a review & finetune your core skills
Create a poster of themed quotes
Compare the use of rhyme in your favourite songs.

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