Kim Petras

best songs of 2020 so far

50 BeSt SoNgS oF 2020 So FaR

How is it even possible to sum up the experience of living through 2020? Here are the songs that have helped us through the first 6 months! Listen to all 50 songs here. 50. Conan Gray: Maniac 49. The Ghost Inside: Overexposure 48. Grace ... Read More...
No U In Ftre

fTrE: tHe StOrY sO fAr

If you simply want to read the 'fTrE' story, you'll find the text below. We'll add the new chapters in at the same time as each respective class is posted. fTrE 1. Cynthia The radio’s on. I’ve heard this Bright Star song a million times. It... Read More...