Chester Bennington

Sound of January 2020

sOuNd oF 2o20: jAnUaRy

Pretty much every day in January may have been predictably yuck but the cold and rain have hardly bothered us at all. How can that be possible? Well, when the songs pumping through our headphones are so full of electricity, it’s hard not to feel hyp... Read More...
Linkin Park & Friends - Chester Bennington

Linkin Park: Hollywood Bowl

Have no doubt, the ability to be succinct is a strength – the art of concision is one worth developing. You may want to write a thesis-length report of an album you love but who really needs to read that? Give readers a taste of your excitement, shar... Read More...
Deaf Havana - Sickago

Deaf Havana: Sickago

Deaf Havana, Sickago So Recordings Deaf Havana have more soul than a giant’s pair of DMs. There’s such an intensity to Veck-Gilodi’s voice and here it’s more at the forefront than ever. In the wake of Chester Bennington’s passing, lyrics like ‘I’... Read More...