Your voice is EVERYTHING. But how to say all the things you need to? Well, it’s so funny that you should ask! Enter Shikari’s impassioned frontman Rou Reynolds is here to help you answer that very question…

And, yes, we’ve located this class within the GCSE folder but – LET’S FACE IT – any A-Level Language student would be proud to write as well as Rou. And even if you’re a Literature student, you’ll understand the value of sharp and exciting expression.

Every student of English should have a go at this task. And, of course, the playlist‘s worth the entrance fee alone. And, no, actually there isn’t really an entrance fee at all. Why? Because sometimes life really is that AMAAAAAAAZING x

Work your way through the slides below or watch on video.

Do some more prep for your GCSE English exam and enjoy the sounds of Taylor Swift at the same time.

Photo on slide 11 by Amy Farrer.

Photo on slide 15 by James Bridle.