Sound of Pen is a place where like-minded students review the planet’s most scorching guitar music.

Finding a soundtrack to grow up to is about as important as it gets. As we tumble through this life, our favourite bands write the songs that make us feel better when we don’t quite fit. When we’re all elbows and knees.

Sound of Pen exists so that you can write about the awkward, the abstract and the awesome. It’s a place where you, as students, can articulate your passions and review what you have seen or heard.

If you’ve got a heart as big as a universe, you’re in the right place. We want you to report on the music that makes you go boom, to fuel our lives with news of spine-tingling shows and to drag us to the edge of our seats with write-ups of life-changing bands.

In a world where we can all feel like we’re screaming into a black hole, Sound of Pen wants to give you a voice. Everyone should have their time in music, when everything slots into place and everything makes perfect sense. This is ours and Sound of Pen wants to help you document it.


  • Music means so much to you that it actually hurts to not talk about it
  • You want to help the artists you love by taking news of them directly to the people who care
  • Music journalists with experience of writing for your favourite magazines (Kerrang!, Rocksound, Big Cheese) will edit and critique your work
  • Prizes will be on offer to the most passionate, committed writers
  • You want a platform for a career in music journalism
  • You want somewhere to ask questions related to music and writing – and you want helpful answers
  • Most importantly: you’re the voice of a generation and Sound of Pen will make sure that you’re heard


Send us your application via the write for us page. Tell us what you would like to review or ask us for music to write about. Or send us an example of your writing. If you don’t want to write just yet, but you have a question, feel free to throw that our way too