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No U In Ftre

fTrE: cHaPtEr 1

Bright Star is locked in her manager’s office, Cynthia is locked in a friend’s basement and Ayley is locked in her bedroom. Sound of Pen’s ‘fTrE’ novel explores what happens next. MUSIC FOCUS: Taylor Swift/Kim Petras-inspired pop music.ACTIVITY F... Read More...
A Level and GCSE English Lessons


Against The Current Lily Allen All Time Low Anaal Nathrakh Ankor Architects As It Is Asking Alexandria Baby Queen Bazzi BEEA B... Read More...
No U In Ftre

fTrE: tHe StOrY sO fAr

If you simply want to read the 'fTrE' story, you'll find the text below. We'll add the new chapters in at the same time as each respective class is posted. fTrE 1. Cynthia The radio’s on. I’ve heard this Bright Star song a million times. It... Read More...