When YUNGBLUD hit Wembley, he showed everyone exactly how to put on an arena show! Stadiums next, surely?!

  • ACTIVITY FOCUS: Explore the significance of YUNGBLUD in the way you would be expected to explore the significance of one of your A-Level themes.

YUNGBLUD, Wembley Arena

One thing that’s obvious tonight is how fit a rockstar needs to be. And before you start yelling about how looks have got nothing to do with anything that means anything, settle yourself down. I don’t mean fit as in drop-dead gorgeous, I’m talking about how much endless energy it must take to be YUNGBLUD. He runs around Wembley Arena like a dog that’s had its tail pulled for an hour and a half! I mean, I’m definitely keen on not becoming 100 per cent couch potato, but the kind of workout that YUNGBLUD puts himself through this evening? I’d need a good sit down within ten minutes. And I absobloodylutely would not be able to sing.

YUNGBLUD, though, doesn’t stop. He’s a raging hurricane from first song to last. Not that this should really come as a surprise. When have you ever seen him not ready to take on the world? His spirit is infectious – I only need to hear his voice and I start looking for a huge tree to climb or a hungry person to make a jam sandwich for. There’s just something about YUNGBLUD that makes me feel like I can do something BIG. And judging by the crazy noise being made by the effervescent crowd filling Wembley tonight, I’m not the only one. From the moment ’21st Century Liability’ explodes into life, there’s a fierce sense of unity within the venue – it’s clear that the underrated youth are right here and they’re ready for anything.

YUNGBLUD is very aware that he’s ignited a fire. And he’s also tuned into the fact that life is hard. Which makes his message to, “Always keep fighting, always keep kicking*,” his most important. Sure, it can sometimes feel as if the cartoonish singer has emerged from the pages of a graphic novel – and the flames on stage tonight do add to the dystopian, dramatic effect – but none of this comes at the expense of soul. Yes, YUNGBLUD makes everyone laugh when he tells the prime minister to: “Listen to the kids… or we will eat you,” but this doesn’t make his hyperbolic style (as Matty Healy might have us believe) meaningless. Rather, it’s evidence of how YUNGBLUD can highlight serious issues without turning everything into a massive drag. And it’s The 1975 frontman’s loss if he can’t recognise that this is about empowerment, equality and empathy – just as much as it’s about eradicating any suggestion that it’s okay to make those ideals seem worthless.

What YUNGBLUD has created is important on so many levels. The sense of connectedness and community fizzing around Wembley Arena is testament to the impact he’s made on people’s real lives – as is the sound of EVERYONE singing along to the cathartic ‘parents’, the caffeinated ‘Die For The Hype’ and the colossal ‘mars’.

The critics can say what they want, but there’s no way I’d be betting against YUNGBLUD changing EVERYTHING for the better. Someday, in his usual comic book style, he’ll probably be elected leader of the universe! One thing’s for sure – he certainly has the stamina to handle such a role.

*Jack told Rose pretty much the same thing!


Respond to this task: Explore the significance of YUNGBLUD.

Here’s your intro: YUNGLBUD is presented as SUCH a significant figure.

Here are your points:

  1. Firstly, it’s absolutely clear how much effort YUNGBLUD puts into making a significant impact.
  2. The energy he expends ensures that YUNGBLUD has a hugely positive impact on individuals’ ability to live happily and healthily.
  3. YUNGBLUD isn’t just a significant figure for individuals. The impact he has – or might one day have – on a larger group is also notable.

Pick 2 or 3 quotes to support each of the 3 points.


Turn the notes you’ve got from the work done on activity 1 into a whole essay (3 paragraphs plus intro and conclusion).

Remember the title: Explore the significance of YUNGBLUD.

YUNGBLUD is this century’s Shakespeare: read more.