This is the fourth part in a series we created so that you can indulge your love for the inimitable Taylor Swift AND develop your confidence with unseen poetry tasks. Before working through these activities, you’ll probably want to look at: part 1, part 2 and part 3.

  • MUSIC FOCUS: Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift and more Taylor Swift!
  • ACTIVITY FOCUS: Examine the effects of love and having relaltionships. Consider the meaning and value of self-love. Learn now to write about self-love and its importance.

We look at a LOT of Taylor Swift songs over the course of these 5 lessons – and we love every one of them. Listen to them while you work!


Start by reading this interview with Taylor Swift.

Swift says she needs: metaphors to understand anything that happens to me.” Why is the metaphor a helpful tool? In what way does a metaphor help someone understand, or explain, a situation? Send your answers here.




Watch: Video 5
Watch: Video 6


Watch: Video 7 & Video 8 Read: Lyrics 1


Write a response to the above task. You might want to follow this paragraph structure:

  • INTRODUCTION: Sum up what you’re going to prove across the course of your essay (e.g. Over the course of the two poems, Taylor Swift absolutely demonstrates the importance of self-love).
  • PARAGRAPH 1: Identify the benefits of self-love and show how those benefits are demonstrated in both poems. Examine at least 2 quotes from each poem.
  • PARAGRAPH 2: Identify the problems connected to not having self-love and show how those problems are demonstrated in both poems. Examine at least 2 quotes from each poem.
  • CONCLUSION: Sum up why the poet felt the need to explore ideas about self-love.

When you’re ready, have a go at the final lesson in this series!