Sometimes the world can feel slightly too angry. Let’s use today’s persuasive activity as an opportunity to channel our positive energy!

  • MUSIC FOCUS: Zurich Open Air Festival; Calvin Harris; Tove Lo; Worakls Orchestra; The Killers; Florence + The Machine; Rosa Linn; M83; The Chainsmokers; Batbait; Gryffin.
  • ACTIVITY FOCUS: Employing a range of sophisticated vocabulary to lift your persuasive writing. Using a range of ‘positive’ words will fill your writing with energy – and the juxtaposition with ‘negative’ vocabulary will heighten the impact further.
Calvin Harris - Thank you Zurich! | Facebook


Read through the 20 words below. The green words have been used positively in the article below about Zurich Openair. The red words have been employed in a more negative way (although some of the words – e.g. pragmatic – could definitely be used more positively if so desired!).

  1. galvanising: affected by emotion as if by electricity; thrilling
  2. opportune: suitable or advantageous especially for a particular purpose
  3. effervescent: marked by high spirits or excitement
  4. prudent: marked by sound judgment
  5. resplendent: having great beauty
  6. inordinate: beyond normal limits
  7. inestimable: beyond calculation or measure
  8. euphoric: a feeling of well-being or elation
  9. luminescent: emitting light not caused by heat
  10. quixotic: not sensible about practical matters (opposite of pragmatic)
  1. discordant: not in agreement or harmony
  2. pragmatic: concerned with practical matters
  3. tumultuous: characterized by unrest or disorder or insubordination
  4. prosaic: lacking wit or imagination
  5. perplexing: lacking clarity of meaning
  6. tempestuous: characterised by violent emotions or behaviour
  7. cacophonous: having an unpleasant sound
  8. somniferous: sleep inducing
  9. banal: repeated too often; overfamiliar through overuse
  10. hackneyed: repeated too often; overfamiliar through overuse


Read through the article below, taking particular note of how the words listed above have been used for effect.


Close your eyes, take a deep breath and fast forward a few months into the future. Imagine the resplendent sun beating down on Zurich as Openair unlocks its gates, the promise of five days of festival magic bubbling effervescently deep in your soul.

When the time comes, we’ll be sure to leave the problems that perplex us on a daily basis miles behind; we’ll forget the necessary – but prosaic – routines, of normal life; we’ll stop making pragmatic decisions and we’ll live quixotically instead.

Then, of course, we’ll start dancing. To the euphoric music of Calvin Harris. To the luminescent Worakls Orchestra. To the inestimable M83. And we’ll sing too: we’ll yell the words to Rosa Linn’s heartbreaking ‘Never Be Mine’; we’ll throw every part of ourselves into Florence + The Machine’s version of No Doubt’s ‘Just A Girl’; our voices will become bigger and stronger as we howl all of Tove Lo‘s lyrics right back at her.

Out in the cacophonous ‘real’ world, things too often feel discordant. Within the festival perimeter, though, there will be perfect harmony. The tempestuous, tumultuous morning commutes will become vague memories; the worn-down look you’re used to seeing in the mirror will evaporate; the somniferous rhythm of doing the things you usually do will fragment.

At Zurich Openair, life is different – we’re offered the opportune moment to let loose and be our best selves. Thrillingly, the musical lineup SPARKLES. Some festival organisers have been criticised for their banal bills, for their hackneyed choice of headliner. Not, though, those in charge of Zurich Openair! The Chainsmokers, Gryffin and Batbait are not acts we see year in, year out, and the artists on show in Switzerland this August will make sure the five-day event feels fresh.

Such a prudent choice of singers, bands and DJs will ensure summer 2023 gets the soundtrack it deserves. So, close your eyes, take a deep breath and start preparing for a festival of inordinate proportions.

Calvin Harris - Thank you Zurich! | Facebook


Write your own persuasive piece about a place or event you would like to go to. Focus on using a range of the vocabulary explored above. Some of the helpful words and phrases you already know are listed below if needed.

Please do send your own writing in. We want to publish the most exciting writing and offer advice.

Main image credit: Zurich OpenAir

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