Because work and play can be exactly the same thing, here are 3 more reviews that will introduce you to the best music of recent times AND improve your confidence when using similes.

Further info re: the skills work can be found at bottom of this page.

Our Hollow, Our Home: Seven Years (Shine A Light On Me)

When you listen to a record by OHOH, it’s like crashing headlong into a pile of your own deepest anxieties. And as terrifying as the experience of facing a lifetime of pain and guilt sounds, the process is cathartic. These may be hard times, but singing along to ‘Seven Years’ is like therapy. Prepare to start feeling better about EVERYTHING.

Delilah Bon: I Don’t Listen To You

Like a bull in a china shop, Delilah Bon doesn’t care what she smashes. And why should she? Because in this equation, the china isn’t actually china at all – it’s inequality and prejudice. And the bull? Well, you’ve heard the one about how women are somehow subordinate to men. Like a character from a fairytale, Delilah Bon is here to set the record straight.

Stephany Joanna & PRINCESSBRI: boyshit

This is otherworldly pop at its most transcendent; listening to it is like holding onto a balloon as it drifts into space. The higher we float, the less the ‘boyshit’ – not to mention all the other shit – matters, right? Devouring this Stephany Joanna and PRINCESSBRI collab is like eating a rainbow. Insane but brilliant.


We would love you to write your own review of a song that you’re loving RIGHT NOW. Aim to show evidence that you’ve concentrated on using the relevant core skills: similes.

Skill 1: similes

You will see that the reviews above make use of 2 similes each: ‘like therapy’, ‘like a bull in a china shop’ etc. Aim to use at least one carefully-considered simile in your own review.

Skill 2: be concise

If you can find a way of squishing a zillion feelings and thoughts into one short review, you’ll certainly do a better job of writing essays within the limited time available to you in exams. Aim, then, to make your piece of writing 100 words or less.


Consider the ideas that we’ve explored within each review. Which of your course characters do each of these ideas feel relevant to?

We will publish the best work! Send your reviews here.

<aybe you’re struggling to learn to key quotations? We will help you here!

Struggling to learn to key quotations? We will help you here!