Unbelievably, Billie Eilish’s ‘Ocean Eyes’ song is now more than half a decade old! But it remains as fresh-sounding and relevant as ever…


Read the lyrics to ‘Ocean Eyes’. Or download a copy which you can then edit. You could watch the video too!


Highlight or make a note of all the metaphors you can spot. Can you find as many as eight?!


Draw each of the metaphors and annotate your drawing with all the possible connotations of each image. For example:


Write your own love lyric/poem. First, decide which side of love you want to show. You might decide to write about: the unpredictability of love; the sadness of lost love; the excitement of hoping to fall in love; the joy of being with the perfect person – or some other aspect of love. Focus on using metaphors that suit your vision of love.

Once you’re done, you can send your pictures or poems in. We want to publish the most exciting writing and offer advice.

Then have a go at this Taylor lesson!