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Holding Absence Literature A-Level GCSE

HoLdiNg AbSeNcE: WoRmHoLeS

The purple links in this article serve as wormholes. Click on them and you'll find yourself walking through the pages of Oscar Wilde's 'The Picture Of Dorian Gray'. From there, you can tunnel into whichever text you're interested in exploring furthe... Read More...
A Level and GCSE English Lessons


Against The Current Lily Allen All Time Low Anaal Nathrakh Ankor Architects As It Is Asking Alexandria Baby Queen Bazzi BEEA B... Read More...
Top 20 artists

BeLLa: bEsT ArtIsTs eVeR

It's impossible to pile all the music we LOVE at Sound of Pen into one genre. And yet there IS a thread that joins all our favourite music together. It's somet... Read More...
This Is What We Listen To

tHiS iS WhAt We LiStEn To

If you say you LOVE Kim Petras as much as you LOVE Enter Shikari, some people look at you like you're craaaaaaaaazy. When, of course, what they should be doing is looking at you like you're coooooooool! BECAUSE YOU ARE. Here's a list of some ... Read More...
The Wild Archive - Photo by Marcus Maschwitz


Sound of Pen delivers you the best that rock music has to offer via the ears of the most important new writers. In 2017, Sound of Pen was established as a plat... Read More...