Waiting For Callback, Perdita & Honor Cargill ( Simon & Schuster Childrens Books)

Sometimes it’s difficult to know whether I take life too seriously or not seriously enough. I mean, yeah, I could get hit by a bus at any minute. But what does that actually mean? Should I stress about making sure I achieve something memorable before that happens or say to hell with it all and start living like a crazy person right now BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

Waiting For Callback suggests there might be some kind of middle ground. Yes, fifteen-year-old Elektra is chasing her dream of being an actress but she doesn’t let that aspiration turn her into a lunatic. And it’s inspiring to see how she balances her ambitions with school and everything else. It makes me feel like my own existence shouldn’t be just about getting to lessons on time and doing homework. I could also be getting on with what I really want to do. Now, there’s an interesting thought.

Not that you have to look at the Cargills’ novel as a self-help manual! Possibly you’ve got some sense of yourself and the world already. In which case you can just enjoy the story. It’s both hilarious and real, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a drama student or not – because it’s actually the romance/friendship/family drama here that you’ll really relate to. And as long as you take all those important relationships in your life seriously, then I think everything will work out just fine.

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