For me, a band achieves victory the moment they bring a group of like-minded people together. I’d always thought I was about as far from like-minded with anyone as it’s possible to be, but then I started listening to my favourite music, and I started hearing songs that made me feel less like a spiny lumpsucker (a real animal!) in a world of pink fairy armadillos (another real animal!). Then, I managed to persuade my way-too-protective parents to let me go to a gig without wearing full body armour or some kind of GPS tracker on my forehead. And lo and behold there were other human beings a bit like me.

Successful bands, then, are like the Davids to our Lost Boys (hopefully minus the blood-sucking) or The Darrys to our Outsiders. And, sure, I don’t actually know most of the kids I see at shows again and again, but at the same time I feel like I know them completely and utterly. You know what I mean. Already this year, I’ve seen you jumping up and down to Marmozets and The Menzingers and Architects. The band in front of you won the minute they made you and me feel better about life, the minute they attracted us like lovely little moths to their gorgeous flame.

Which I guess kind of makes you and me the prize. Is that weird?! I’m not sure. Either I’m making myself sound like some kind of trophy which surely undoes at least forty years’ worth of feminism marches, or I’m making out like I’m so amazingly awesome that, should you dedicate yourself completely and utterly to life in a band, you may – if you’re really, really, really lucky – get a chance to play your music to moi. Of course, I don’t mean any of that.

Regardless, how cool is it that our favourite artists give us a reason to gather in a room together? And whilst all of us are still trying to find our own voice, isn’t it incredible that we can rely on Sophie Hopes or Bert McCracken or Lynn Gunn or Eddie Vedder to shout and scream on our behalf. These people are narrating the world as we know it. And in doing so, they’ve achieved victory.

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