So, I’ve been writing and writing, trying to be good, trying to do something that’s worth something. These are the words to my first finished song: We Live Here Without You. Can I say THANK YOU to Billie Eilish. I’ve been listening to her music non-stop because it makes me feel like I’m not the only one living in a world that no one else sees. This is for all those who see it. Ayley x

We Live Here Without You

In our eyes.

Your words like knives

Pulled out of our backs so we can see them.

The darkness taken out of the darkness

So we can know it’s there.

School’s no use.

Not for this life.

That is not our fight.

We are air and water.

Oxygen like electricity

You are scared because we are free.

We don’t care about shocking you.

We will shock you.

You are old.

Age is for the dying.

We are living.

We are not old.

We are not young.

We live outside of time.

We vibrate.

You do not.

Close your eyes.

It’s hard to watch.

But just because you aren’t looking doesn’t mean it stops.



Scream it out loud.

That’s not how we communicate.

We’re not scared and we don’t hate.

You are not like us.

We are not like you.

This is the future.

You can’t believe it’s true.

That we live here without you.

That there was a flood and we survived.

That we won’t die.

We will lie in the sun until we dry.

You are underwater

With your knives and your darkness.

We can’t help you and we won’t.

You think you know us but you don’t.

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