Valleyheart - Everyone I’ve Ever Loved
9Overall Score

Valleyheart, Everyone I’ve Ever Loved
Rise Records

There’s a poignancy to this record from Massachusetts outfit Valleyheart that will knock you off your feet – each song is packed with a woozy wistfulness that is genuinely overpowering. Certainly, singer and guitarist Kevin Klein’s voice is invested with at least as much depth as Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard or The Decemberists’ Colin Meloy. But it’s not just the frontman’s delivery that feels like it’s penetrating your very soul – it’s the ebbing instrumentation too. Not to mention the lyrics which you swear could have been stolen from your own diary if you didn’t know for sure that said diary was safely locked away. Highlights here include the unexpected chorus to Crave, the shivery Dissolve and the ever-present spiritual quality that will resonate with anyone who’s ever suddenly realised that – for better or worse – the way things are is not the way they used to be. Frankly, though, this Valleyheart record is one to be listened to as a whole. Let yourself get lost in it.

Everyone I’ve Ever Loved is out tomorrow via Rise Records.