What are your plans for the fourteenth this year? Maybe you’re splashing out on a restaurant, maybe you’ve found the perfect gig for you and your loved one to attend, or maybe you’ll be sat in your room blasting your angst playlist and scorning the commercial rubbish that Valentine’s Day has become synonymous with. Well, whatever you’re up to, we’ve got the perfect tracks to frame your day.

For The Lovers

You lucky bunch, not only have you got someone to shower with affection today, but you’ve also got some of your favourite love songs ever written by some of your favourite bands.

Paramore – The Only Exception

This gorgeously stripped-back defining track has all the vulnerability and emotion we could possibly want from it; Hayley Williams’ confession and declaration of love defined a generation of emos, and it’s as loved as ever in 2019.

Turnover – Dizzy On The Comedown

It’s hard to imagine a song sweeter than this – vocalist Austin Getz takes the terrifying experience of falling in love and embraces it, confusion and all.

Neck Deep ft Laura Whiteside – A Part Of Me

Despite being one of Neck Deep’s earlier songs, it’s remained a live fixture ever since, with half the crowd getting on each others’ shoulders and holding hands as they sing along – you you just have to listen to it to see why!

My Chemical Romance – Summertime

It’s finally 2019, so MCR are totally coming back, and this is one of their loveliest offerings ever. From the oh-so-familiar, oh-so-endearing guitar riffs at the start to Gerard Way singing ‘you can run away with me, anytime you want’, this song is pure love from start to finish.

The Front Bottoms – Peach

Does your significant other like TFB? If they do, chances are you’ve already copied out the first few lines of this one into your Valentine’s Day card. If they’re unlucky enough to have never heard of TFB, however, this is the perfect opportunity for you to pinch these lyrics to blow your S.O. away.

For The Losers

There are so many facets of loneliness we could go into – bitter break-up songs, despondency, angst, relationships just not working out… Here’s a taste of everything.

Creeper – Hiding With Boys

This nostalgic lament stings even more since Creeper vanished off the face of the earth all the way back in November, but Will Gould’s operatic, emotional howl of ‘loving you is killing me’ numbs the pain… Slightly…

A Day To Remember – If It Means A Lot To You

It digresses from ADTR’s typical rousing mash-up of metalcore and pop-punk, but it’s one of their best known tracks – testament to its melancholic universal appeal. Not to mention it’s got one of the best instrumental drops in rock music – if you haven’t screamed out ‘we knew it would happen eventually’ live, you’re seriously missing out, but it’s easy to imagine.

Modern Baseball – Your Graduation

Thought this section was lacking in bitter, angsty energy? Modern Baseball have your back – it’s melodramatic, it’s painfully relatable, and you’re lying if spitting out ‘bull****, you f***ing miss me’ doesn’t make you feel a bit powerful.

Real Friends – I’ve Given Up On You

Whatever respite you just had with Your Graduation is over; prepare yourself for the emotional influx that is I’ve Given Up On You. In typical Real Friends style, IGUOY is metaphorically dense but agonisingly real at the same time, and if your heart’s already broken, this song will break it more.

Basement – Pine

Basement’s grungy style fits perfectly with the self-deprecating, whiny-but-deliberately-so lyrics of Pine – mourning at the feeling of trying to force yourself to love someone, this one’s for anyone with conflicting feelings this Valentine’s Day.

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