Hopefully, by now you’ll have checked out our Sound of Pen Top 100 Spotify playlist. We created it to chart the songs that have defined our first year as a fully active website, bringing you news of the best rock music around, and giving you access to the insights of the finest student writers in England. It’s these scribes who will go on to become the next generation of great rock journalists, and to give you a taste of the incredible music they’ve been reviewing, here are the videos to go with our unforgettable top ten. Do let us know how you feel about the choices we made!

10. Rolo Tomassi, Aftermath

Some metal bands play at the speed of light. Rolo Tomassi somehow deliver us the sound of light:

9. This Wild Life, Hold You Here

This Wild Life have a magical ability to make you feel, that even in your loneliest moments, you’re not alone at all:

8. Enter Shikari, Take My Country Back

We continue to be dazzled by Enter Shikari’s ability to deliver such serious messages without ever making rock music that sounds even slightly po-faced:

7. Architects, Doomsday

We all know what Architects have been through in recent times. That they’ve managed to go on, let alone flourish, is testament to their spirit. We can’t wait to see the likes of this band and Bring Me The Horizon topping festival bills:

6. Mike Shinoda, Crossing A Line

Shinoda’s recent solo material has been built out of the kind of honesty that made us all fall in love with Linkin Park way back when:

5. Stick To Your Guns, The Reach For Me: “Forgiveness Of Self”

Well-known for their political convictions, here STYG prove themselves to be just as emotionally articulate:

4. The Fever 333, Trigger

This is the most powerful political record since Rage Against The Machine’s debut:

3. Moose Blood, It’s Too Much

If we hadn’t restricted each band to just one entry in our top 100, pretty much every track from I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore would have been included:

2. Linkin Park, One More Light

When, in the future, we reflect on the months between the summers of 2017 and 2018, it will be One More Light that most reminds us of our emotional state. We need to look after each other, and this song reminds us of that. What more important job could a piece of music do?

1. The Wonder Years, Pyramids Of Salt

This is a truly astonishing song and it makes such perfect sense of where The Wonder Years are now – as well as where they’ve come from. So personal and yet so unifying: