Top Ten Perfect Placebo Moments

With Brian Molko and crew back on the road, it only seemed fitting to share our top ten Placebo songs with you.

10. Where Is My Mind?

Look at this crowd. Just look at them. Placebo are a seriously important band and don’t this lot know it?! Oh, yeah, and have a listen to the perfect Pixies cover while you’re at it.

9. Without You I’m Nothing

Listening to Placebo is exciting enough. Listening to Placebo and David Bowie? You’ll see…

8. Ashtray Heart

Written with ex-Little Hell frontman Steve Ludwin, this is Placebo at their catchiest. Never thought you’d be so keenly singing the word ‘cenicero’ (it means ‘ashtray’!), did you? Us neither.

7. Slave To The Wage

How do Placebo manage to sound so dark and still so bright? So polished and yet so murky? So full of both surface and depth? STOP WITH THE QUESTIONS! THEY JUST DO!

6. Running Up That Hill

It might seem crazy to put a second cover on this list, especially given the relentless quality of Placebo’s almost faultless original output. But this is spine-tingling.

5. Pure Morning

Pure Morning was the first single from Placebo’s second album and it leapt to number 4 in the charts. Proving, if nothing else, that the world had much better music taste in 1998.

4. Meds

By 2006, Placebo were too oft considered a band past their best. Meds was only one of the incredible songs on their fifth album that proved that to be so utterly and completely not the case.

3. The Bitter End

Taken from fourth long-player, Sleeping With Ghosts, The Bitter End continued Placebo’s habit of launching their albums with stunning first singles.

2. Every You Every Me

One the YouTube comments asks: why does every single Placebo song have to be so good? Well, we don’t know why but we’re grateful.

1. Nancy Boy

The song that started it all. Two decades on from its release, it sounds as urgent as ever. Touching on all kinds of taboo subjects, it might not have looked like a top 5 smash. But it was one…