It’s hard to imagine a world without the Download weekend. Certainly, life has improved greatly since the festival first opened its gates in 2003 – and fifteen years later, we can still remember a pre-fame Darkness screeching out Get Your Hands Off My Woman, and Marilyn Manson thundering through a set including the recently released and appropriately-titled This Is The New Shit. Here are the ten songs we think you’re bound to remember long after this year’s Download has come to an end…

10. You Me At Six, Give

Not your typical metal festival anthem, but we’ve got a feeling this romantic heartbreaker will burst through the heaviness like sunshine through storm clouds:

9. Thrice, The Artist In The Ambulance

These days, the band themselves may play this song as fast as possible and with as little fuss as possible – the implication being that Thrice are not, and have never been a one-song band – but for crowds everywhere, the moment they hear TAITA start up will always be a very special one:

8. Marilyn Manson, Cry Little Sister

MM’s Download career hasn’t been faultless – we’ve seen him at his best and at his worst. Now, though, he appears to be back on top of his game and having recently covered this classic from The Lost Boys soundtrack, we’re just hoping he does so again:

7. Stick To Your Guns, The Reach For Me: Forgiveness Of Self

Equally sensitive and heavy, this is the kind of song that sticks in your heart as much as it sticks in your head:

6. The Hives, Hate To Say I Told You So

If you’ve never seen The Hives live, make sure you catch them this weekend. Whether or not you’d ever listen to the band at home, you’ll fall in love with them as performers:

5. Neck Deep, Can’t Kick Up The Roots

Neck Deep have become one of the UK’s most treasured outfits and as a result their shows are underpinned by a quite incredible sense of togetherness. Wait till the band play this one and you’ll know exactly what we mean:

4. Jonathan Davis, What It Is

When all-conquering nu-metal icon Jonathan Davis hits Download with this enormous smash, expect things to go off:

3. Dream State, White Lies

When CJ Gilpin sings, ‘I’ve got a confession,’ expect it to be one of the most unifying moments of the Download weekend. This cult band are about to go massive:

2. Asking Alexandria, Moving On

The best thing about Danny Worsnop’s return to the fold has to be the fact that his favourite song will surely now be a centrepoint of AA sets once more. What a tune:

1. Avenged Sevenfold, Roman Sky

This has the potential to be the greatest festival song of all time. From the moment that bewitching opening riff starts up, expect to be mesmerised: