Top Ten Chester Bennington Vocals

Tonight, the remaining members of Linkin Park and friends will pay tribute to the much-missed Chester Bennington. It’s still hard to believe he’s gone. Here are the ten most emotion-shredding Chester vocals:

10. Heavy

This vocal resonates like a tank given everything that came next. It was the start of a new era for LP and at the heart of this performance, you can sense, much like you could way back on the band’s first album, CB’s desire to connect.

9. What I’ve Done

Linkin Park’s biggest hit benefits from one of Chester’s biggest vocals.

8. Somewhere I Belong

When Bennington’s vocals explode, the crowd does too. Check this out for proof.

7. In The End

Shinoda and Bennington both shine on this one. Seventeen years on, their vocals remain as compelling as ever.

6. I’ll Be Gone

Another Chester vocal that hit hard the first time round but now hits even harder.

5. Crawling

A beast of a song with a beast of a vocal. Oh, yeah, and Chris Cornell – who was an okay singer himself – makes an appearance on this version…

4. One Step Closer

The only thing bigger than Chester’s heart is his jumper in this clip. OSC’s ‘shut up’ refrain shoved people off their feet and the whole metal scene into the future.

3. Papercut

On first listen, you could be forgiven for thinking this is really a Shinoda track. But, in the background, like a storm brewing, is CB. The chorus captures the two frontmen at their most unified.

2. Numb

Chester was master of this kind of escalating vocal. It was his trademark and it means, as listeners, that we absolutely take flight when Numb’s chorus arrives.

1. One More Light

This is all about Chester’s voice. There’s a truthfulness to his delivery which means we believe in him as much as we’ve ever believed in anybody.