For a band with only one full-length album available, the intoxicating Against The Current have a surprising amount of material out there. Here are the ten songs we’re most looking forward to singing along to when the band arrive on our shores for their September headline tour.

10. Blood Like Gasoline

This is ATC at their most fiery. But, then, that should probably be no surprise, given the whole blood and gasoline thing! Nonetheless, it’s a fine example of the band’s ability to be both as black as night and as light as the moon.

9. Love Story

Okay, so this isn’t their own track, but it’s impossible to talk about ATC without mentioning the enormous amount of songs they’ve covered. For this one, they even got Yellowcard on board.

8. Wasteland

ATC have a real talent for appearing really shiny and polished but actually being pretty dark and desperate. Do you dare to dive below the band’s surface? Wasteland is a good place to start. Listening to it as exciting as watching a great film.

7. Talk

Like so many of ATC’s songs, Talk is an absolute smash hit – it’s a number one pop song that somehow never made it to number one. At some point in the future, of course, their records will be topping the charts. But that only makes us treasure these moments, when the band still feel like they belong to us, more.

6. Gravity

Maybe it’s the handclaps, that are in action from the off here, but there’s definitely something about this song that means it’s pretty much impossible to listen to it without moving around and singing along like you’re at an Against The Current gig and not in front of your mirror with a hairbrush.

5. Dreaming Alone

Okay, so Chrissy Costanza and gang aren’t short on love songs, but they do them soooooo well. This is the completely irresistible sound of a summer romance in song form.

4. Running With The Wild Things

Remember that scene in The Lost Boys when David says: ‘You don’t have to beat me, Michael; you’ve just got to try and keep up.’ It feels like this ATC number comes embedded with the same message. It’s fast and frenetic and you’ll never overtake it, but you’ll have a the most fun time trying. Sing loud. Dance harder.

3. Strangers Again

From the very first moment this song hit the airwaves earlier this year, we were completely back in love with Against The Current. As shiver-inducing as it is poptastic, Strangers Again captures the sound of a heart breaking. Then breaking again. Then breaking again.

2. Outsiders

The fact that the American trio could leave this off their debut album is testament to the number of massive songs they have at their disposal. Both its title and huge, catchy chorus act like batlights for all those searching for a place to belong. This is music to make you feel as significant as you definitely are.

1. Brighter

This one’s pretty aptly titled. Its chorus is certainly brighter than any other object on the planet and it’s probably the most uplifting song ever written.