With just over a week to go till the 25th, even the biggest grinches around will be getting into the Christmas spirit by now and putting on the seasonal tunes. Here’s our top picks, for when you’ve had enough of Michael Bublé.

Yule Shoot Your Eye Out – Fall Out Boy

If you haven’t had this on a loop since the day after Halloween (or at least Bonfire Night) you’re doing it wrong. Yule Shoot Your Eye Out is a deliciously bitter fixture on any non-mainstream Christmas playlist – nothing screams festive like Patrick Stump begging someone to ‘dedicate your last breath to me before you bury yourself alive.’

Merry Christmas (Kiss My Ass) – All Time Low

Well, we hope you’ve never had to feel the way Alex Gaskarth must have felt writing the savage lyrics to this one. Whether you relate or not, there’s a certain joy that can only come from singing along to anti-festive anthems at the top of your lungs.

All I Want For Christmas Is You – My Chemical Romance

Did we say screaming at the top of your lungs? Gerard Way’s characteristic rendition of the Mariah Carey classic will delight you – such a clichéd song has never sounded so raw and guttural, and it’s perfect.

Let It Go – Betraying The Martyrs

That familiar piano line at the start gives you a bit of a hint but the Disney tune becomes unrecognisable the second Betraying The Martyrs put their metal twist on it. Put this on your holiday playlist to surprise any kids at your family gathering with Frozen as they’ve never heard it before.

Sickly Sweet Holiday – Dallon Weekes

Is it impossible for our favourite bands to write a cheerful Christmas song? Apparently not! But we wouldn’t change anything about this track – Dallon Weekes and Tyler Joseph come together to create a jauntily melancholy banger with a story that ends up taking a surprisingly heartwarming turn.

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer – Reel Big Fish

This is one to knock out at holiday parties when you want to watch the faces of other attendees just grow more and more vaguely confused and concerned. Telling the story of Grandma’s brutal murder by Santa and his sleigh over a boppy ska instrumental, featuring choice lines like ‘all the family’s dressed in black, and we just can’t help but wonder should we open up her gifts or send them back?’

Happy Holidays You Bastard – Blink 182

No matter how hard you’re trying to convince Grandma to get into the music you love, don’t play her this one. It’s 42 chaotic seconds of beautifully vulgar Christmas complaining, and it’s hilarious.

Last Christmas – Jimmy Eat World

80s pop isn’t really our niche here at Sound of Pen, so Wham! certainly won’t feature on our list, but here’s Jimmy Eat World’s cover of Last Christmas. They maintain the essence of the track but Jim Adkins’ immediately recognisable voice and the twanging guitars give it the perfect amount of edge.

Fairytale Of New York – Creeper

Creeper might not be around this Christmas, but at least we’ve still got their fantastic Christmas EP from last year. To tide us over until they come back (or don’t), we’ll make do with Will Gould and Hannah Greenwood’s just-as-entertaining, just-as-memorable recreation of Shane McGowan and Kirsty MacColl.

December – Neck Deep

Not everyone celebrates Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on being seasonally bitter! Neck Deep are here to provide the secular soundtrack to your ‘long lonely December’, though we know you’ve definitely been listening to it year round.