Make sure you line-up early for the greatest rock line-ups this autumn…

We LOVE summer and we’re definitely not wishing it away. But at least this year we can take great comfort in knowing that, when the nights do eventually draw in again, our favourite artists will be doing their best to make sure our lives remain full of sunshine. And it’s not just the fact there are so many great bands set to hit the road this autumn that has us so excited – it’s that so many of them will be hitting the road together!

The line-ups we touch on below are some of the finest ever, and big respect goes out to the bands, the labels, the promoters and the venues for offering us so many opportunities to see so much amazing music in one place at one time.

So, where to start? Well, a few weeks into the new term and you’ll be able to catch Boston Manor in a venue near you:

They’ll have the gorgeously sensitive Microwave with them, as well as the throbbing Drug Church and the woozy Wallflower.

At the start of October, The Amity Affliction head out to destroy venues all over the UK:

And they won’t be alone. Along for the ride will be Sound of Pen favourites The Plot In You, soon-to-be world-beaters Dream State, and brain-melters Endless Heights.

The end of October means the arrival of State Champs:

The New Yorkers will have these three mega-bands in tow: the lush Seaway, the incredibly promising Stand Atlantic, and the energetic Woes. Essentially, these shows are going to be like punk-pop heaven and we can’t wait.

Then it will be November. And sure it might be getting colder by then, but As It Is will warm you up:

Also heating things up will be Trash Boat, whose new material suggests they could be about to smash through to the next level. And then there’ll be the very emotional Holding Absence who never sound like they’re holding anything back. Add the addictive melodies of Courage My Love to the mix and you’ve got a gig you’ll never forget.

In mid-December, Christmas will come early as Bury Tomorrow reach new heights:

By their side will be the heart-stopping 36 Crazyfists and the furious Cane Hill. Surely any of those three bands could be counted as headliners in their own right! It’s testament to Bury Tomorrow’s progress that they’re the ones billed as the star attraction on a tour packed with star attractions.

And such is the power of all these bills. The line-ups are so strong that they feel like mini-festivals. Make sure not to miss out.