THC Dreams - All My Friends
8.4Overall Score

THC Dreams, All My Friends

Being aggressively smacked in the face by the harsh reality of life normally isn’t too fun. But weirdly enough, when you listen to THC Dreams‘ All My Friends, instead of crying you’ll probably find yourself dancing happily if a little bit confusedly to the upbeat sounds fighting it out with the slightly-too-real lyrics as you try to solve the enigma of whether you’re meant to be crying or attempting to overthrow society through the power of music. So, perhaps it can be a little bit fun to be confronted with reality every now and then – THC Dreams certainly make it feel that way.

All My Friends, at some points, gets way too real. It shares the story of adulthood breaking up friendships, which is already fairly serious, but it goes even deeper than that with the commentary on drugs and exploitation in society. While being lyrically overwhelming, All My Friends is definitely something you can and will dance to.

On a similar note, B-side Get Over It is also equal parts bouncy, upbeat, and crushingly relatable. Drawing on influences from emo and punk, you might expect something dark, angry, and fairly depressing. Regardless, THC Dreams have once again decided not to conform to any expectations in a way that makes them sound fresh and exciting.

Both tracks embody exactly what it feels like when your world is falling apart and you’re just stuck in the backseat, but in a good way. They make it feel like it’s okay that everything is collapsing around you because this band have got your back. Sure, that doesn’t exactly fix any of the issues, but they feel a lot less pressing when you have your new best friends, THC Dreams, by your side.

All My Friends is out now.