Elite Netflix Review

Elite: X-Rated TV for Generation Z

Daisy's Box-Set Binge (Netflix) Have you seen Elite? There’s just sooooo much SEX. There’s NO WAY this is really what going to school is like for kids in Spain. Is there?? Or maybe this is actually what normal teenagers get up to everywhere. Pe... Read More...
You Should Read Meat Market

You Should Read: Meat Market

Meat Market, Juno Dawson (Quercus Children's Books) All that glitters is not gold. It’s airbrushed. We know that by now, right? Of course we do. And yet we look at the girls and boys in magazines and wish we were just like them. Flawless skin, fl... Read More...


Favourite artists: Linkin Park, Against The Current, Faint December, Trophy Eyes, Pvris, My Chemical Romance
Favourite album: Linkin Park – Hybrid Theory
Favourite song: Linkin Park – In The End
Best gig: Against The Current @ Kentish Town Forum
Lyric worth remembering: ‘Who cares if one more light goes out? Well, I do’