Sound of January 2020

sOuNd oF 2o20: jAnUaRy

Pretty much every day in January may have been predictably yuck but the cold and rain have hardly bothered us at all. How can that be possible? Well, when the songs pumping through our headphones are so full of electricity, it’s hard not to feel hyp... Read More...
Poppy: Your Best Worst Nightmare


One of 2020's most important records has landed! Poppy, I Disagree (Sumerian Records) On those days when I wake up feeling a bit bonkers, the first thing I do is put my headphones on. Letting Linkin Park or YUNGBLUD loose on my brain always so... Read More...


Favourite artists: Linkin Park, Against The Current, Taylor Swift, Trophy Eyes, Pvris, Bring Me The Horizon, Kim Petras
Favourite album: Linkin Park – Hybrid Theory
Favourite song: Linkin Park – In The End
Best gig: Against The Current @ Kentish Town Forum
Lyric worth remembering: ‘Who cares if one more light goes out? Well, I do’