Bright Star

NNNNNineteen chapters 1-20

N-n-N-n-NinEtEEn: cHaPtErs 1-20

1. Cynthia The radio pumps out the same old song. It makes me want to kill myself. Then again, everything makes me want to kill myself. Little Jo sees the look on my face. “I like it,” she says. Ella crosses her eyes in a way that lets me k... Read More...
NNNNNineteen 18 Bright Star

N-N-N-N-NINETEEN 18: Bright Star

Bright Star I’m in Khan’s office. I’ve picked the one swivel chair to sit in and I spin slowly back and forth as I listen to what’s being said. Well, I say ‘listen’ but I’m barely tuned in. There’s no point. These meetings with Khan, Max and Adam... Read More...