Daisy Celebrates The BEST Records Of 2019!

Stray From The Path, Internal Atomics (UNFD)

I spend a lot of time worrying about all the things that are wrong with the universe. And at least twice a day, I realise that spending my life watching Tik-Toks isn’t going to help stop global warming or poverty or war. Thank God, then, for Stray From The Path. These dudes are ferocious enough to force me into action. I mean it. One minute into opening track, Ring Leader, and I’m off the sofa. ‘Thinking like everyone else is not really thinking,’ the New Yorkers insist. By the time they get to last song ‘Actions Not Words’ and start telling me to ‘CHANGE THE WORLD,’ I’m actually dressed and ready to leave the house. What will I do when I get outside? Well, I’m definitely going to want to wear a t-shirt with Stray From The Path’s lyrics on it. ‘Have you lost your goddamn mind?’, ‘The future’s in my bones,’ ‘Not everything’s so black and white’ – like pissed off Hallmark employees these guys have a way of expressing themselves in the most concise, explosive fashion. At a time when all the best music is being made by people that give a fuck, Stray From The Path fit in like they never have before.

Internal Atomics is out now via UNFD.