Strange Bones: We The Rats
7.4Overall Score

We The Rats, Strange Bones
Northern Rats

‘What makes the bones so strange?’ you might be asking yourself. Well, after listening to this daring EP you won’t even need to know the answer as the music speaks boldly for itself.

We The Rats brings together everything attempted in their previous work and throws a whole new bag of tricks into the mix, creating something wonderfully unique. This mix of new and old is the coalescence of everything they have worked to achieve so far.

Strange Bones mixes together a collection of catchy backing vocals – most notably in the title track – and angry, aggressive riffs that scream for attention, only to then shake things up again completely three tracks later with Spitfire, when the backing becomes more of an eerie and haunting reminder of the songs preceding it. This artful music will most likely be haunting you for days as you try to get it out of your head.

Being produced by Foo Fighters’ Chris Shiflett, there were high expectations of this EP and great amounts of pressure on the band to create a truly amazing piece of work. However, this band are so much more than a big name and they outstrip expectations. Through hard work and sheer talent, Strange Bones have managed to make an EP no one could have expected and now the loyal fanbase will be all eagerly awaiting what Strange Bones will bless us with next.