One of 2020’s most important records has landed!

It’s IMPOSSIBLE to explain quite how important music has been to me over the last few weeks. I am sooooo grateful to all the artists for continuing to unleash new songs. I have listened and I have listened and I have listened. Thanks to my favourite bands and singers, my life feels as full as ever. Here’s a review of one of April’s best releases:

Stand Atlantic: Drink To Drown (Hopeless Records)

The video for the gorgeous Drink To Drown might lull you into a false feeling of cosiness. Look at all the people who – just like you – are experiencing the trials of lockdown. The message – visually, at least – feels lovely and optimistic. But then you register the title of Stand Atlantic’s song and listen to its lyrics and OH MY GOD no wonder this band are signed to Hopeless. The name of their record label really gets to the heart of how singer Bonnie Fraser is feeling. But that’s okay – well, not for her maybe, but for me at least because all of a sudden I don’t feel so alone with my anxieties. I mean sure, like Drink To Drown’s video, the rainbows in people’s windows and the clapping on Thursday evenings do highlight the sense of community bringing people together right now, but HANG ON A SECOND doesn’t it also feel like the start of the apocalypse? Not that I’ll be doing any drinking or drowning. If this actually is the beginning of the end, then I’m going to be making the most of every minute, listening to crazy-beautiful songs like this

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