2018 has provided us with some of the most brilliant albums we’ve ever heard, and we’re gutted we can’t include them all. Here’s the best of the best.

20. CharmerCharmer

‘The American Midwest has always been known for producing fantastic emo music, and on their debut album, Michigan’s Charmer do just that. It’s a nostalgic-feeling coming-of-age instant classic.’ – Ellie

19. The Wonder YearsSister Cities

‘Sister Cities is the best example of all-American pop-punk – with a darker twist. With gut-wrenching lyrics that are more like poetry, the record is full of powerful anthems and heart-rending moments.’ – Alice and Louise

18. Hands Like HousesAnon.

‘On the Aussie rockers’ 4th album, they’ve turned their sights to merging their iconic post-hardcore sound with a more alt-rock vibe and pull it off with ease. Think Memphis May Fire meets Nothing But Thieves.’ – Ellie

17. Against The CurrentPast Lives

‘ATC are consistently brilliant and Past Lives is certainly no exception. Chrissy Costanza’s magnetic energy and bell-clear voice leads their pop-rock style to stand out – they’ve got a pop sound but the attitude and calibre of a rock band, and Past Lives is continued testament to this.’ – Ims

16. HomesafeOne

‘A decadent and starry follow-up album to Homesafe’s debut – but it can stand alone, and definitely will, as its own universe.’ – Morgan

15. Panic! At The DiscoPray For The Wicked

‘Panic! have finally found a balance between flashy vocals and meaningful lyrics on PFTW. In the past, records have either been silvery poppy brilliance, or a deep journey into the minds of the band, and PFTW truly feels like both.’ – Howe

14. IDLESJoy As An Act Of Resistance

‘There hasn’t been an album as lyrically relevant as JAAAOR that’s come out in the past decade – not to mention, the Bristolians absolutely ace the old-school punk sound whilst keeping it radio friendly and endlessly catchy.’ – Ellie

13. BeartoothDisease

‘Beartooth will always be one of the most fun bands in hardcore, and Disease is the perfect next step after Disgusting and Aggressive. With even more irresistible hooks and earth-shattering drops, it’s hard not to imagine how good Disease must be live.’ – Ims

12. Cane HillToo Far Gone

‘Packed with blood-curdling bangers, and shamelessly, unapologetically Cane Hill. They feel no pressure to fit the mould and copy others, and in sticking to their own style they dominate both the obnoxious aggressiveness and soothing sentimentality of the genre.’ – Alice and Louise

11. Our Hollow, Our HomeIn Moment // In Memory

‘This metalcore masterpiece was heavily informed by the death of vocalist/guitarist Tobias Young’s father. That the band have managed to match its emotional weight with a physicality that pretty much lifts you off the floor is more than impressive. A gorgeous and brutal record.’ – JC

10. Can’t SwimThis Too Won’t Pass

‘If you love Brand New or The Wonder Years, This Too Won’t Pass has probably been glued to your record player since it came out. Shudderingly emotional and compellingly articulate, it’s pop-punk, but not as you know it.’ – JC

9. NervusEverything Dies

‘One of the most brutally honest records of the year, with musical excellence to boot. Lyrically it stings, but it’s supposed to; Em Foster’s ability to convince us to feel exactly what she’s feeling is unrivalled.’ – Ims

8. Rolo Tomassi Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It

‘Rolo Tomassi’s fifth album is their best, and given how mind-bending their first four efforts were, that should tell you all you need to know. Time Will Die… is the sound of light. And dark. And all the shades in between.’ – JC

7. Trash BoatCrown Shyness

‘Trash Boat might have been sporting some of the wispiest facial hair we’ve seen in 2018, but there’s nothing straggly about their second album. It’s an absolute whirlwind of a record and one that reflects the immense amount of progress the band have made in an incredibly short amount of time.’ – JC

6. Stand AtlanticSkinny Dipping

‘Bonnie Fraser and the gang are our band of the month for a reason, and Skinny Dipping demonstrates this fantastically. It’s warm, it’s cheery, it’s emotional – it’s a signpost for the top echelons of current pop-punk. Stand Atlantic have given us everything we hoped for in 2018 and they’re sure to give us even more in 2019.’ – Ims

5. MarmozetsKnowing What You Know Now

‘Listening to the Sheffield punks’ sophomore album is like driving a car incredibly fast down the side of a cliff; it feels like it could lose control any minute but in the most exciting, utterly gripping way possible. No one thought their debut could be topped – well, folks, everyone was wrong, because Marmozets did it.’ – Ellie

4. Boston ManorWelcome To The Neighbourhood

‘Pop-punk is not a dying genre and WTTN proves that over and over again; it gets better with every single listen and is the perfect mix of catchy riffs and angst-filled vocals and lyrics, just as a pop-punk album should be. Utterly brilliant, no question about it.’ – Ellie

3. ArchitectsHoly Hell

‘Holy Hell is an album that embodies every emotion one can feel and lays it out raw. Following the passing of late guitarist Tom Searle in 2016, these boys have channelled all their might into creating an album worthy of immortalising his greatness. Thrilling and simultaneously heartbreaking, Architects have proved once again that they simply cannot release sub-par, emotionally bland music. If you’re looking to find god-tier metalcore, then these guys are the rightful kings of the scene.’ – Emily

2. Dead!The Golden Age Of Not Even Trying

‘Narrowly missing out on the top spot, it’s Dead!. After breaking up in the summer, this is their last chance to feature on anyone’s end-of-year lists, and after releasing one of the best debut records of all time, they definitely deserve to be up here. The Golden Age gave us banger after banger after banger, it positively reeked with promise and potential, and we’re going to keep it spinning right into 2019.’ – Ims

1. Trophy EyesThe American Dream

‘Most bands couldn’t write so many songs this melodically and emotionally flawless if you gave them a lifetime. Clearly, Trophy Eyes aren’t most bands. The most spectacular record of 2018 forces you to dig deep into your hearts and pump your fists hard in the air.’ – JC