It’s impossible to listen to Sean Smith’s brilliant and insightful new Sappenin’ podcast and not shed a few tears over the fact that when The Blackout split up they really did split up.

These days, most bands that say they’re calling it a day really mean they’ll see you this time next year. After they’ve raked it in on their farewell tour. And just in time to rake it on their comeback tour.  Or maybe that’s a little cynical. Especially given the fact that most of the outfits from our scene struggle to make enough money to justify a dustpan and brush, let alone a rake.

Whatever. The point is that The Blackout are gone. The most fun band to ever step out of Wales, they absolutely ruled stages of all sizes – from Camden’s Dublin Castle to Brixton’s Academy – and blew bands a hundred times ‘bigger’ away in the process. And they released some seriously invigorating records too. It started a bit like this:

And it carried on a bit like this:

Then there was the Wolves EP, which Smith tells us via his podcast he held such high hopes for. He thought it was going to put his band on the map. But then it didn’t. And before he knew it, The Blackout were no more. At least he thinks – in his typical half-grinning/half-teary manner – this podcast might encourage a few more people to search Wolves out on Spotify. We suggest you do just that:

Then make sure to return for future episodes of Sappenin’ every Friday. If each episode digs as deep as the first one, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about being in a band. Or why you should never be in a band. Depending on how you look at it.

The next episode of the Sappenin’ podcast with Sean Smith goes LIVE Friday December 7th.