River Fury - 5 Year Plan EP
8Overall Score

River Fury, Five Year Plan
Painted Halo Records

River Fury, a psych-punk quartet from all over the UK/Melbourne by way of London, have struck gold with their debut EP, Five Year Plan. Their influences are clear but they still sound original, and whilst they experiment with a wide range of genres, there’s a sense of cohesion that spans the five tracks and prevents the record from feeling scattered.

The first three tracks draw from sixties psychedelia, combining it with nineties grunge. Wasteful is a fantastic opener, with a chugging surf-punk bassline that propels cascading, layered guitars and a shouted chorus. It’s imbued with a psychedelic-punk vibe bands such as The Growlers and King Gizzard And The Wizard Lizard are well-renowned for, and would sit nicely in the collection of any fans of those outfits. Walking In The Sand’s verses are like if Placebo were to tackle math-rock, with bitter, relatable lyrics such as ‘if life is just a movie, then who the **** is filming?’ – yet its chorus feels like eighties shoegaze and evokes images of summer. It’s a beautiful song.

Tupelo signals the turn of the EP from a psychedelic sound to a more grunge/Britpop one – this track wouldn’t sound out of place on a Weezer record. Instantly, Comfort Is Being Fooled’s opening guitars scream Johnny Marr; their eighties indie influence is clear on this song, with guitars and a rhythm section that sound not unlike The Smiths’ Panic. The EP’s eponymous track is more melancholy than those that precede it, with lyrics that detail feeling lost and lonely – ‘drifting on this foggy sea, I need someone to anchor me’. It seems to draw influence from mid-2000s emo, before descending into complex, compelling guitars not dissimilar to those of Two Door Cinema Club and The Night Café.

Five Year Plan is an EP that spans decades; it infuses the sixties, eighties, nineties AND noughties with deftness and fluidity, sometimes in the space of one track alone. River Fury’s debut is undeniably impressive and something they should be proud of.

Five Year Plan is out via Painted Halo Records on the 30th November.