Daisy Celebrates The BEST Records Of 2019!

Papa Roach, Who Do You Trust? (Eleven Seven)

Is it weird that literally a few seconds into Who Do You Trust?, I’ve almost forgotten Papa Roach are even there? Which is absolutely not to say that I at any point switch off from the band’s music. Given how enormous songs like the rowdy Renegade Music and the pulsating Elevate are, ignoring them would be pretty much impossible. What I mean is that, when Jacoby Shaddix sings, it’s like I’m listening to myself. And I know that’s definitely weird because Shaddix is in his forties and, yeah, he’s a MAN. But, hey, it’s the truth.

Let’s take a closer look at why that might be. Mainly, it’s the lyrics: ‘I got problems’, ‘I think I’m losing it,’ ‘Wish I could worry just a little less.’ Well, yeah, now you’re starting to get it. Every one of those phrases goes around my head approximately a million times a minute. Not that this is a mopey record. Somehow, Papa Roach take all their anxieties and paranoia and make them spark like fireworks – the noise of them (me) letting their (my) feelings out is soooo cathartic. Feeling bad almost seems worth it when the experience of being able to lose yourself in Who Do You Trust? Is the pay-off. Easily one of the best albums of 2019.

Papa Roach’s Who Do You Trust is out right now.

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