We would love you to take part in our monthly projects.

You will need to read a review from our archive (you will find this month’s below), then have a go at using the techniques discussed.

You should choose a gig or record to write up – it does not have to be current – and send your review in using the contact us page.

There will be a monthly prize for the writer we feel has made spectacular use of the style in question.

Do remember that our main aim is to help you build an armoury of skills that you can then use to develop your own journalistic style. We certainly don’t want you to feel disheartened if you don’t win the monthly prize – it definitely does not mean that your own review wasn’t awesome!

We love reading what you write and can’t wait to see your project work!


Competition – September 2018: Who You Admire

COMPETITION: Who’s the person you look up to most within the rock scene? Give us a name and a short (or long!) piece of writing explaining why that person deserves our respect and admiration. We will publish the most convincing article. Send your ... Read More...
Brixton Academy

Competition – Summer 2018: B Reviews

COMPETITION: Review a record or live show of your choice (old or new). Just make sure that every single sentence begins with the letter ‘b’. That’s right – the letter ‘ b’! The brilliant, boisterous letter ‘b’! The most cohesive and entertaining ent... Read More...
Music Journo

Competition – June 2018: The Band You Love

COMPETITION: We want you to tell us about the band you love but that we are not currently writing about at Sound of Pen. All you need to do is send the name of the band we should be reviewing and a link to their music. You can suggest the hugest act... Read More...
Carousel Kings

Competition – April 2018: Victory

COMPETITION: We want you to tell us what you think ‘victory’ means for a band. What is success for a band? When do you think a band has ‘won’? What makes the band you love ‘victorious’? What makes them ‘winners’? Entry can be Tweeted to @soundofpenm... Read More...
Pushing Daisies

Competition – March 2018 – One Line Review

COMPETITION: We would love to use some of your one-line-reviews for our Twitter feed. Pick a new song and tell us why it's awesome in 280 characters or less. Make sure to include #OneLineReview and then the Twitter handle for the band you’re reviewi... Read More...

Competition – February 2018: A Debut Album

COMPETITION: This month, we want you to review a debut album. Pick the first full-length release from one of your favourite bands and write about it as if you’re coming across it for the first time. Can you do the record justice? Well, that’s the ch... Read More...