Press Club - Suburbia
9.4Overall Score

Press Club, Suburbia
Hassle Records

Look out! Press Club are here to punch you directly in the face with more of what’s becoming their signature blend of buzzing energy, relentless angst, and some mystery element that has all the addictive qualities of caffeine.

Slithering through your speakers soothingly like a snake, Suburbia appears to be welcoming you in a warm embrace, letting you feel safe and secure. Don’t be fooled, though, these Aussie rockers don’t pull any punches in this song and seemingly out of nowhere Suburbia suddenly has the emotional impact of a speeding train. Did you fall into their trap? Of course you did; everyone did. Clearly Press Club know what they’re doing because before you have time to acclimatise to the new harsh atmosphere, everything is calm again, and then the cycle repeats.

Long after Suburbia has ended, the chorus will be bouncing around your head like a boomerang. Regardless of whether you’ve ever actually lived in the suburbs, you too will feel like you left your heart in the suburbs, probably right next to where you left any hope of escaping the constant loop of hitting repeat on this song.

Will Press Club emotionally torment you? Yes. Do they sound seamlessly impeccable while doing so? Also yes. If Suburbia is anything to go by, Late Teens (due later this month) is going to capture the hearts of everyone fortunate enough to come across it – how could anyone resist something as captivating as this?

Suburbia is taken from the forthcoming Late Teens, available from 25th Janurary via Hassle Records.