November 27th 2016

Pierce The Veil are nowhere to be seen but you can already feel a sense of excitement and belonging. The constant excited chatter, the matching logos on shirts and the street team collecting names group everyone together as one, creating an almost tangible sense of excitement.

Inside the venue, people filter in through the main entrance, up and down staircases and in and out of doors. Mutual anticipation of the band’s arrival fuels a magnetism that draws everyone towards the front of the stage.

As openers Creeper appear there is a sudden rush of black leather jackets surging towards the barrier. Their energetic stage presence and confident attitude draw in the crowd, despite the majority of them primarily being here for Pierce The Veil.

They draw their set to a close with the haunting Misery and the band leave the stage after inviting the audience to their merch stand. Easily noticeable by the purple patches on their black jackets, the fans begin to swarm around the band members. As they all flock together the band and the fans become indistinguishable due to that matching uniform of black and purple clothing.

The live room is quickly becoming busier as Pierce The Veil’s set draws nearer. Cleverly chosen music hypes up the combustible fans even more, furthering the anticipation.

Suddenly everyone’s attention is drawn towards the stage when the music cuts out. The projection takes the willing fans on a journey through the concept of the album. The screen drops and a spaceship is a revealed giving the fans a nostalgic but apprehensive feel – like a sci-fi show – as the band crawl out from the spaceship in space suits.

The set begins with Dive In the first song from their new album, Misadventures and it sets an energetic standard that never drops.

Even after an exhausting start, any thoughts of lethargy and exhaustion are wiped from the minds of everyone in the room as the backdrop cascades down and reveals fan favourite, Collide With The Sky. The second half of the set continues with a renewed sense of bounce.

The night draws to a close with anthem King For A Day which seems almost ironic considering the fact that Pierce The Veil can clearly rule the stage all year if they want!

Photo by Ben Gibson.