Palisades - Fragile Bones
7.4Overall Score

Palisades, Fragile Bones
Rise Records

Palisades, says Wikipedia, are ‘typically a fence or wall made from wooden stakes or tree trunks and used as a defensive structure or enclosure’. Perhaps Fragile Bones, then, is a song about when a negative force penetrates those barriers. ‘You’re making me hate me,’ grimaces singer frontman Lou Miceli Jr, and immediately all we want to do is give him a huge hug. No one who can make music as purgative as this should feel badly about themselves! Not that anyone in Palisades actually needs a cuddle. The sound of this comeback single is proof enough that the New Jersey outfit are stronger than ever. Sure, there’s been some emotional turmoil, but that’s life for a band living in a world of grinding metal riffs and laser-bright hooks. And, on reflection, it’s unlikely that Miceli Jr. and co. ever really considered themselves protected by palisades. It’s their songs that serve as shields. For us.

Palisades’ Fragile Bones is out now. The album, Erase The Pain, is out on December 28th.