Palisades - Erase The Pain
8.4Overall Score

Palisades, Erase The Pain
Rise Records

We live in an era of global communication. Our obsession with image has become a controversial topic, with the general consensus being that too many of us have become trapped under the pressures and expectations of society. Many people have tried to find ways to break the mould and take a stand against the system, but none have done it quite as magnificently as Palisades have with their new album Erase The Pain.

Opener Vendetta begins with strange sounds immediately followed by a powerful influx of guitar and drums. The lyrics, sung by the brilliant Lou Miceli, speak of being imprisoned and drowned by an unknown captor followed by a chorus promoting the act of breaking free and escaping. It’s an incredible start to the album, pushing the idea that people don’t have to give up who they are or give into pressure to appease others.

Title track Erase The Pain carries these messages forward with its opening of thundering drums and guitar overlaid by small amounts of synthetic noise. The words, referring to feeling numb and as though you cannot be saved, are incredibly relatable for a lot of people who share the sentiment of feeling lost in the crowd. At one point Miceli goes on to describe how he pretends until he breaks – another reference to how the pressures of society can damage people.

These messages are consistent throughout ETP: later track Fragile Bones describes with perfect detail how people are pressured to be different versions of themselves by pinning their wings and breaking their bones. The intensity of the instruments amplifies this anger and hatred for how people are suppressed, motivating people to take a stand against the expectations forced upon them – an important message that we can certainly all take from the record.

Album closer Shed My Skin is possibly the most inspiring of all, with its message of rebirth and letting go of the past holding strong amongst a hail of aggressive guitar and drums. It encourages people to take their fate back into their own hands and reinvent themselves the way they want rather than the way others advise them to.

In a world that is always changing, forms of media attempt to connect with people in all sorts of ways. But none of those will ever come close to the insightful masterpiece Palisades have created.

Erase The Pain is out today via Rise Records.