Owl Company - Iris
8Overall Score

Owl Company, Iris
Eclipse Records

Since the day metal became a genre it has been evolving under the influence of the artists who step forward to add their own twist to it.

Owl Company follow this trend with their latest album, Iris, in a refreshingly different way, combining hard rock influences from the 70s to 90s with modern rage and brutality. This leaves us with a sound that is fresh but still holds all the aggression and engaging features fans of alternative metal have come to enjoy and expect.

The album opens with One Last Time, a song with a retro rock style that is amplified beautifully by a more modern sense of instrumental intensity and rhythm. This song is brilliantly motivating thanks to lyrics that reference not being afraid and feeling alive, while providing a sense of nostalgia that whispers of bands like Guns N’ Roses.

Antagonist once again begins with a more retro style which is interspersed by moments of contemporary viciousness both lyrically and instrumentally. The varied dynamic and well-blended styles contribute well to the overall feel of the album, proving that old and new can be combined to create something even more enjoyable.

If you’re a metal fan that struggles to transfer your tastes from the old to the new or vice versa then Owl Company are the band for you. Their inventive mixture of modern metal and the old school is a treat for all.

Iris is out now via Eclipse Records